Old oak timber mantel custom mantel made from reclaimed beam. Installation and Maintenance
Mendota Mantels are one-of-a-kind original pieces of art.
Installation of Beam Mantels
Our mantels can be quite heavy but can easily be installed by any contractor/ builder or by most do-it-your-selfers. Here we describe a method that applies to either new or existing construction, is relatively easy, quite effective, and inexpensive. Don’t be concerned if your contractor has other ideas. There are many other acceptable ways to install our mantels.
If your fireplace has a brick or masonry wall, you will need two three-quarter inch (¾”) rebar or threaded rod pieces approximately 9 inches long.  Pipe also works well. The exact length of the rebar depends on the size of your mantel. For especially heavy mantels increase the number of pins. The rods or pipes must be long enough to penetrate both the wall studs or header and about two-thirds through the depth of the mantel.
Find the desired height of your mantel. Drill holes into the masonry at least 30 inches apart - wider for longer mantels. Be sure that both holes are level. Cement the rebar into place with a bolt anchor mix or epoxy.  
Drill corresponding holes into the back of the mantel to approx 2/3’s its depth.
Guide the mantel on to the rods.  Glue as needed. 
For a wood framed wall, double up on the studs to be drilled or install a header.
Drill through the wall into the studs or header for ¾” threaded rods or re-bar.
Add glue. Hammer or screw the rods securely into the holes.
One inch or larger pipes can work well in place of rebar if you wish. The larger the pipe the more stud support will be required.
Drill corresponding holes about two/thirds through the back of the mantel.
Guide the mantel onto the rebar and slide against wall.
You are now ready for stone.
Our mantels present very well when ‘FLOAT MOUNTED’.  Float mounting is installing the mantel in frontof the stone. This allows for a more natural stone appearance. It also allows for the mantel to be back lit or installed at any time after stoning. 
Feel free to contact us for further information about mounting timber mantels.
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