Customer's Photo Gallery

Custom mantels typically start at $200.00 per linear foot.  "Available Mantels" average $150.00.
custom mantel in Celtic style installed from customer 2
Celtic Mantel
"We LOVE our new mantel". 
"THANKS for everything!"
McCain Family
Door County, Wisconsin
Hand carved hand made hand carved custom mantel made with the history of the family in mind. This family loved the old timber that it was custom made from. Eastern White Pine. Carved per customers 'family heritage' concepts. Flat finish. Timber c1887
Mendota Mantels expert carvers are happy to replicate just about  any image you can imagine
"Our 'heritage' mantel arrived safely. It is magnificent! Our families entire history is documented on it through your beautiful carvings. It's just what we dreamed of!  We can't thank you enough! We'll send more pictures when it's up. More later...."
- Susan Metzgler,
Denver, Colorado
Rustic Mantel that is a custom mantel.
SIGNATURE Mantel.  Sculpted River Style. Pine. Full Size. Natural Finish"Here's a picture of my new mantel.  It was great co-designing with you.  The piece is perfect for our new room. We love telling it's old story"
Lisa Kirwin
Minneapolis, Minnesota
 Northern Pine with 'river sculpting". High Character. Natural Finish.
Timber c1874
One of a kind Custom boat mantle
"We love the mantel.  Everyone who sees it comments on the beauty and uniqueness of it.  It truly makes a wonderful family treasure - so much so in fact that we had the mantel installed in a way that we can remove it (and replace with a standard mantel) in case we ever move - - we could not possibly leave this beautiful piece of art behind!  Working with you was such a pleasure in finding the perfect piece of reclaimed wood, a picture of a boat to carve, and then personalizing it with the name etc. Even the water carving is beautiful in that it takes advantage of the natural wood grain to add texture.
Thank You and Best Wishes for 2011 and beyond."
Close up a a custom carving on one of our custom mantels. You can give us your image for your custom fireplace mantel carving design.
Stained Doug Fir. Custom carving of customer's boat.
Timber c. 1874
CUSTOM shelf mantel with railing posts"Here's a picture of the beautiful hand carved mantel and posts you made for us.  
We look forward to our next timber frame project."
 Nancy Bausman - Birch Creek Properties
 Dan Larkin - Larkin Construction
 Excelsior, MN.
                                                                                                        White Oak mantel and carved posts.  Natural finish.
                                                                                                                                              Slight sculpting. Low Character. Timbers c2006
A fireplace mantel in a modern, contemporary design. still made out of antique reclaimed timber from the Wisconsin Woodchuck Old Globe Grain Elevator,
 "Attached are a few photos of our mantel with post. The install went well.  Thanks for the design consult. We love it. I'll send more pictures."
Greg and Sharlyn
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Eastern White Pine Stained "Hershey's brown".  Slight sculpting texture.
Medium Character. Timbers c1887
Close up of a custom mantel designed by our team.  This one is made from reclaimed timber beam. "The mantel looks and feels 'sensual'.
It's really VERY beautiful!" 
Tom and Mary Guion,
St. Paul, MN
                                                                                                               Northern Red Pine. "River-Woman" Sculpted.
                            High Character. Nat. Finish. Timber c1874
Sturture at the Minneapolis Children's Theater designed by Michael Graves from our reclaimed timber mantel beams.
Northern Red Pine Lobby Sculpture. Minneapolis Children's Theater. Photo taken from floor level up through roof. 
Michael Graves and Associates Architects. No finish. High Character. Mendota Mantel's design consultation and milling.  Timbers c1874
"Thanks so much for your help and support. We think there is "magic " and "spirituality " to our new theater because of the "tipi sculpture ". With all the issues we had to overcome, I now firmly believe that all the effort is the reason the piece is so special. If it were easy, it would just be another piece of architecture. This is so much more... I can not thank you guys enough. Best wishes to everyone at Mendota Mantels / Old Growth Woods " 
  -  Robert Blaser, Michael Graves and Associates Architects,
     New York, New York
Another custom mantel made from antique timber beam. Reclaimed from the Wisconsin Woodchuck Old Globe Grain Elevator.
"Here are some pictures of our mantel.
It looks awesome! 
I love telling my family about it's history and how you made it by burning it.
I am sending three more pictures."
  - Connie Doren
     Minneapolis, Minnesota.
 White Pine Burned Black with fire.  Slight "river' sculpting.
Timber circa 1887 
Lyons custom mantel made from Wisconsin Woodchuck Old Globe Grain Elevator. This one is reclaimed antique pine timber beam. "We were so impressed
with the personalized attention we got to create the perfect mantel for our new home. It has so much history and character. It's a great conversation piece!"
  -  The Lyon Family,
      Excelsior, Minnesota.
                                                                                 White pine w worked cracks. Wrap a round. High Character.
Natural Finish Timber c1874                                           
Kano mantel San Fran"Our mantel arrived in good shape and installed without a hitch.  It really is gorgeous. I knew we could get a contemporary mantel made from antique wood! 
It is indeed special. 
Let me know if you'd like more  pictures."
- Jennifer Kano,
  San Francisco, CA
 Brushed Doug fir shelf. Burned Black. Contemporary application.Timber c1874 
Hand carved custom fireplace mantel made for a customer to her order.  Hand Hewned finish from old beam.
 Eastern White Pine with med. brown stain.  Hand hewning texture.
Medium-High character. Timber c1887
"Here's some pictures of our new Mendota Mantel.  Thanks again for such a great piece. We love it, and as you can see, it looks terrific in our family room." 
Christina  Cabrera, 
Eagan, Minnesota
Geoff High mantel pic
"Attached are a few pictures of our mantel made from the old barn beam.
In short, we love it!"
  - Geoff High
    Denver, Colorado
"River-Woman" style pine.  Natural Finish.  Medium Character. Timber c1874
A three sided fireplace mantel made from old timbers reclaimed from an old barn in the midwest.
"Here's some photos of our three sided fireplace.  Thank you so much for the consultations and fine fine work.  No one could have done it better!"
Two sides of a three sided mantel wall. 
 Red Pine sculpted with inlaid washers. Timber c1874. 
Another reclaimed timber beam mantel custom made for and with a great customer who valued antique used reclaimed timber mantels.
"Here are some pictures of our mantel. 
We love it.
It is just what we wanted"
- Paul and Rachel Little
   San Diego, California
Eastern White Pine.  Medium character.  Natural flat finish.  Timber c1887
burned mantel w inlays"We love our mantel.  It is the perfect center to our room and a very lovely piece of art."
- Scott and Carrie Kokoska
  Broomfield, Colorado
 Burned- Black Finished Reclaimed Eastern White Pine.                                 
Black with Three Inlays.  Timber c1874
Coffman White Pine Mantel w Corbels 2"I will send you more fantastic pictures of the mantels and timbers used throughout our home.  I know you will be as pleased as we are.  Great working with you!
 -  Bill Coffman
    Brainard, Minnesota
Eastern White Pine with attached corbels High
Character. Natural Finish. Timber c1887
Coffman White Pine Outdoor Mantel and Ceilling 1"Here's another picture of the outside mantel with your reclaimed timbers and lumbers.
It all worked wonderfully.
More pictures to come.
Thanks again Mendota Mantels."
 -  Bill Coffman,
    Brainard, MN
Eastern White Pine mantel, posts, rafters, rails, and ceiling paneling.
Nat. finish. Timbers / lumbers c1887
Another custom mantel made by hand from eastern white pine reclaimed from the Wisconsin Woodchuck Old Globe Grain Elevator.
"The mantel is installed and it looks absolutely beautiful! It's the star of our living room!
Here's a few pictures for you.
Feel free to use them any way you'd like.  Thanks again!"
 - Scott and Marianne Goebl
   Carmichael, California
 Eastern White Pine.  High character. Natural finish. Timber c1874
Kritta Cabin Mantel 1
"Here's a photo of our new mantel piece. I wish the 'etching' showed up better in the picture.   We absolutely love and cherish it.  We know it is very special. We love telling it's story! I insist you accept this little extra."
- Patty Kritta, 
  Brainard Area Lakes, MN
 Rare  'Grain etched' mantel.  Eastern Wht. Pine. Stained Dark Brn.
Timber c1887
A white pine timber was used for this custom carved mantel piece. Made from reclaimed old growth timber beam.
Eastern White Pine with Custom Carving per customer's drawing. Timber c1887
"Our Mendota Mantel was delivered today. It is absolutely  
 gorgeous! We are so pleased with it! Thank you VERY 
 MUCH!"       - Stephanie and Dustin Love - Houston, Texas
A custom mantel made for a customer with their carving of choice from eastern white pine timber recycled from an old mill.
A hand made custom fireplace mantel made from antique reclaimed beam.
"Thank you for making our lovely new mantels.
All three worked out very well.  Here is a photo of the bedroom piece from the 'Old Globe'.  We'll send more photos of the others too.  Thanks again Mendota Mantels!"
  -  The Johnson Family
      Marquette, Michigan.
 Rare "Extreme Grain Etched"  Eastern White PIne. Nat. Finished. Timber c1887
A mantel hand made from old beam recycled from old barn timber.
 Stained White Pine. Slight sculpting.  Inlaid original washers. Timber c1887
"The mantel arrived in good shape, I was on site yesterday to check it out, it is absolutely beautiful! Thank you!!!"
    -  Chris Todd - Marquette, Michigan
best hemlock IMG 0230
"Here are some more photos of our reclaimed hemlock mantel.  The guys hung it 15" above the fire box.
Thanks again." 
  - The Stedman's  
     Denver, Colorado 
 Soft' Rustic Hemlock Mantel with inlaid washers. Natural Finish. Timber c1870  -1890's 
A special fireplace mantel designed with the customer for their custom fireplace mantel.  
Eastern White PIne Stained K. Brn.  Three inlaid stars. Medium -High Character. Timber c1887
"Hi Mendota Mantels. Sorry it's taken me so long to get back to you. The mantel turned out great. My Dad couldn't wait to install it! They love talking about it and have already received many compliments. Here's a picture of it. And Thanks again."   - Erin Weber,
A beautifully finished custom fireplace mantel made from old beam.  Eastern White PIne. Stained med. brown. With customer designed inlay. High Character. Timber c.1887. Inlay c1890's
"We get lots of compliments from friends and family on the beauty and the quality of our mantels. We enjoy telling the story of where they came from."  - Jason and Randi Stelter, Lakeville, Minnesota
A hand carved sensual mantle also made from old barn beam timber. "River-Woman" sculpted-High Character Nat. Finish, Timber c1874
"We were in Vail skiing for x-mas so did not even know that the mantel was here but it is perfect, we just love it! Thanks so much for taking the time to make something very special."
--Katherine Urness
  Orono, Minnesota
one of our first mantels made from old antiqe timber beam. "The mantel is beautifully carved.
I love telling friends and family about it's "Big Jo" history.
Thank you for the many consultations and the great work.
I love it."
  - Mike McCarthy,
    Wabasha, Minnesota
"Sculpted" white pine shelf mantel with inlaid antique washers.   Natural Finish.
 Timber c1874 
A nice big fireplace mantel made out of reclaimed timber.
"Our new display mantel is installed.
It looks real good.
Thanks for working with us."
  - Tim 
    Jordan, Minnesota
 Oak rustic timber.  Natural oil finish.  Timber c 1890
A one of a kind mantle made from antique reclaimed timber beam recycled from the Old Globe Grain Elevator.
"I snapped a couple of pics for you. We really love the work you did and the mantel is everything we were hoping for. Thanks again for all your upfront work and for the awesome mantel."
  - Peter and Mer VanOene
    San Diego, California
                                                                                          Eastern White Pine with 3 grain inlays. Burned Black finish.
Timber: circa 1887
Reclaimed timber mantel Cherry slab shelf mantel.  Rescued, not reclaimed. 
"Here are a couple of mantel pics for you guys. Thought you'd like to see some of my work too. The pottery is wood fired and the bowls are turned. Thanks again for the great mantel!
- J. Chianelli
  Shakopee, Minnesota 
A one of a kind custom mantel made from reclaimed mantel.
 "Here's a picture of our 'new - old' mantel from the old Steiger Camp. As you can see, it's a perfect fit.  Thanks for the special piece.  My wife and I love telling the story of it's fascinating history."
-John Hellman
 Bessemer, Michigan
Hemlock shelf mantel.  From Steiger Camp Circa 1939
another fireplace mantel made out of old barn timber. Reclaimed beam mantel.
"We just wanted to share a picture of our new mantel.
It looks terrific!
Thank you for all your help."
 -Brant and Laura Lieske
  Chicago, Illinois
 Reclaimed Oak Shelf Mantel. Slight sculpting.  Timber c 1874
White pine timber beams custom made for a special customer who also bought three fireplace mantels made from reclaimed timbers- white pine.
Eastern White PIne Timbers and lumber from the Old Glove Grain Elevator, Superior, Wisconsin, circa 1874
Rare "Grain - etched" Eastern White Pine. Natural Finish. Timber c 1887
One of three custom mantels made for this customer out of old beams. "Here's a picture of our third mantel piece from you.The grain - etching is magnificent.  The story is amazing! Also sending another of some of our timbers and paneling from the Old Globe Grain Elevator. More pics coming."
Bill Coffman,
   Brainard, Minnesota
A unique timber mantel rounded out on the ends custom made mantel with white pine reclaimed timbers.  
"We thought you'd like to see a shot of our mantel wall. We are very pleased. It was great working with you. Keep up the good work!"
- The Wiplinger's
On the Mississippi, Minnesota
Eastern White Pine. Natural Finish. Timbers c 1887.
Custom fine mantel made from old beam.  Craftsman Style
Greetings Tom!

Lookee here...our beautiful mantle up and surrounded by fantastic stone work! I haven't seen her uncovered yet. This pic is my first glance, If I do say so myself, my taste is excellent, paralleled only by the maker's craftsmanship! As soon as we get up there we'll send more pics...Jed sent us this one. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Bob and Deb,
Wakefield,  Michigan
I don't think I ever sent you the photos of our mantel after we installed it! Here they are.
You may think that we installed it upside down, but there would have been a gap at the back had we reversed it, and I think it looks great this way.
We love it and get lots of compliments on it and always brag about you and how you went the extra mile for us.
Peggy Zachariou
Carpenteria, CA
The room is finally done, and the mantel is simply stunning. We've received many compliments and enjoy telling the reclaimed beam's history!
We've attached a picture of the room and would be honored to have it featured on your website, if you so desire.
Kind regards,
Michael Foster
Beam fireplace mantelTom,
I had someone ask us about our beautiful reclaimed wood mantel this weekend – so I gladly shared your contact information and website with them. However – I realized that I never actually sent you the photos I’d planned to send! I’m attaching a “before” and “after” photo. Unfortunately – the warmth and beauty of the actual wood beam is hard to capture in these photos – partly because the beam is so long that it barely fits in the camera screen! But we absolutely love it.
All the Best,
Trent Lewis
Mpls. MN
Back-Lit  Float Mounted  Sculpted River SIGNATURE mantel in Pine  Standard Size  Natural Finish
 "Our mantel is installed the way you suggested.
Now we can take it with us when we move. We also took your advice and added the back- lighting while we were at it. We're wild about it!"
Kevin S. and Mary Kay F.
  Shoreview, Minnesota
 Yellow Southern Pine. Natural Finish. Back lit. Float Mounted. Timber c 1874
custom fireplace mantel made from recycled antique  timbers
Hello Mendota Mantels
It's been bittersweet, but we are now in Seattle which is where we wanted to move back to. Although Nicole and
I always say how much we miss our fireplace and mantel, which we did not get much time to use. Oh well, we are renting right now and hoping to buy in a year or so, so maybe we will be contacting you for another mantel, very similar style.  Thank you for working with us.  It was great while it lasted.
Andy and Niclole, Mpls. MN
Unique old growth white pine mantel made from three 2" x 8"  "grain etched" boards from the Old Globe Grain Elevator, Superior, WI. circa 1887
Contact us at: tomschoeller@gmail.com 
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